Account Types

To make sure that you get the best experience in online trading, XPRTcoin offers an expansive list of account options. You can choose the account that suits your needs best. Besides, we have designed every one of them specific to the types of traders out there.

The very first option at your disposal with the competent efforts of XPRTcoin is the basic account. The name of this account option suggests the need and purpose. It has all the basic options that you may need as a beginner online trader. Are you just starting as an online trader? Being the basic account, it doesn’t mean that you will be dealing with a subpar trading experience. It has nearly all the features but the advanced features are absent.

It comprises an education center that offers high-quality learning material. It will widen your concepts and broaden your knowledge base according to your trading type and how you can achieve success being a beginner trader. With this account option, you will be entitled to a 24/6 customer support service. When you face a problem, take it to our official online representatives any time of the day or night. When you are stepping into the trading world, you will require comprehensible knowledge. That’s what our education center is all about. Carrying on with real-time trading isn’t easy but our learning and training resources will help you make the most out of your time on our platform.

There are various tools and features also available on our platform. Daily market reviews is one of the most popular tools in the online trading world. If you want to keep a tab on the market trends, asset volume in the market, price movements, daily market reviews is the tool that you will need. All this information helps to make informed decisions to be successful in your trades. You must have access to every bit of necessary detail regarding online trading. For that, daily market reviews contain all the required topics in association with the online trading community. If you inquire out there, you will learn that experts in the industry also rely on daily market reviews.

There is much more to the basic account option than what you read above. It offers the full spectrum of detail and assistance to make your online trading journey smooth and fun on a basic level. You can also gain from the expert webinars. These webinars are hosted by experts who share valuable insights and inform you regarding hidden market insights. This option is available on nearly all the major online trading platforms. Therefore, XPRTcoin doesn’t stay behind.

This account option is a small improvement from the one above. It also has all the basic account features and perks. However, there are certain additions that you may surely like. When you think that you have expanded your take on the online trading world slightly, consider moving to the bronze trading account. The bronze account option comes with an account manager and price alerts. When you want to know the price movement trends and any significant changes in the price chart but can’t keep an eye on the market all the time, price alerts come in handy. In simple words, these features give you a crucial advantage during your online trading experience.

Talking about the account manager, this one is a splendid feature for soon-to-be-professional online traders. They organize your account if you wish for that. While they are there for a month, they can stay with you for longer when you upgrade to higher-tier accounts.

XPRTcoin also offers a silver account that is a satisfying upgrade from the bronze account option. The silver account carries the perks of the bronze and basic accounts with a swift addition of a few more. Like in the bronze account, you will have an account manager but for three months. In comparison, the silver account offers you two additional months of an account manager’s time rather than just one. This will allow you to learn more from them and make the required changes to your trading strategy with the guidance of the account manager.

What’s more, the silver account bears PIA trading signals. You will receive these signals five times a day making your trading experience smoother and more flexible by letting you know about the best trade opportunities. This option isn’t found in the basic or bronze account options.

The major difference between the silver and the gold account you will come across is important. When you sign up with the gold account on our trading platform, you will have the PIA trading signals and account manager services for longer than in the silver account option. To add an extra set of strength to your trading passion, PIA trading signals will last to a maximum of ten times a day now. Furthermore, the account manager services will be for a total of six months. Move to the gold account once you think that the silver account is no longer serving your needs sufficiently.
Apart from the other online trading account options like those above, you will find that the platinum account has perks and features far more advanced than those used by a beginner trader. This account option is for VIP traders who have immense experience in the trading world. Those who sign up with the platinum account option on our platform have already earned sizeable profits from trading. This means that they are now on the lookout to improve their experience. The platinum account option offers VIP price alerts along with 12 months of account manager services. You get unrestricted PIA trading signals. In addition, it will also offer PIA SMS signals and a Personalized Trading Strategy.
We have finally reached the account option that offers everything there is but in a better style and manner. Best for pro online traders, the black account option has all the features of the account options above. From unlimited account manager services, you can avail of the one-on-one training. Importantly, you will have access to exclusive trade positions. All these account features and perks are critically essential for traders who are “all-in” using their strategies to reap sizeable profits through trading.
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