Bitcoin Cash Trading

If you are familiar with Bitcoin, you will most likely be familiar with Bitcoin Cash as well. Both of these are cryptocurrencies that exist without any physical form or appearance for trading. The only reason behind the introduction of Bitcoin Cash against its counter-part cryptocurrency was to allow an increased number of transactions to take place at a time.

What Led to the Invention of Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash was the hard fork of Bitcoin in 2017. It was developed to be another part of the cryptocurrency through radical changes in the Blockchain protocols. Miners and Bitcoin experts had their reasons that led to the invention of this cryptocurrency. Right after the inception of Bitcoin, experts realized that Bitcoin’s effective scaling was an improbable task that required prompt attention. Blockchain technology is a form of ledgers that store, verify, and process Bitcoin transactions.

What Separates Bitcoin from Bitcoin Cash?

Under the opinion of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, this cryptocurrency was initially designed to be a digital currency for peer-to-peer transactions. In addition to that, Bitcoin was supposed to undertake day-to-day transactions as well. The reason behind its immense popularity after its introduction in the digital world was the sudden spikes and increase in its price and aggregate value. This turned it from a digital currency towards a tradable asset. Thus, the scalability issues arose that limited the number of transactions taking place in the Blockchain while the real magnitude of transactions kept increasing. This further led to a jeopardizing situation and potential disruption in the reputation of the world’s first cryptocurrency, i.e. Bitcoin. The transactions kept growing and burdened Bitcoin with more and more of them forming a queue. The average number of transactions that Bitcoin’s Blockchain can hold per block is no more than 1,000. However, the Blockchain of Bitcoin Cash was capable of holding nearly 25,000 transactions per block.

Bitcoin Cash – What is It?

While both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are cryptocurrencies of the modern world and share several similarities, Bitcoin has the issue of scalability which restricts a large number of transactions from processing and validating at the same time. On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash is not only free from this issue but also charges low transaction fees. Bitcoin cash also operates as a decentralized digital currency that doesn’t involve any sort of intervention from intermediaries like governments, central banks, or other financial institutions.

Bitcoin Cash and Trading

Although Bitcoin Cash was released quite recently in 2017, it made a firm standing among thousands of cryptocurrencies in the world without any big hurdles. Traders and investors all around the world quickly began investing in this digital currency. This was because these traders and investors from around the world trusted and relied on Bitcoin and their developers and because Bitcoin Cash was the brainchild of the same developers, they didn’t hesitate in laying their trust in this new creation.

The very first thing any wannabe Bitcoin Trader has to do is set up his or her digital wallet that they require in the future to store their Bitcoin cryptocurrency for trading. These digital wallets are available readily available online and that too free of cost. This is for the ease of cryptocurrency owners and traders worldwide.

So, now we know that establishing a Bitcoin Cash digital wallet is the first step of the process. Having the relevant digital wallet will let you take part in the Bitcoin Cash economy. Since these digital currency wallets are free to use for everyone, anyone can easily download them. By downloading and installing these digital wallets on their device, people benefit from a safe and reliable storage space for their cryptocurrency funds.

However, this easy and free process doesn’t come without its drawbacks. It involves certain failures and a high risk of threats along with potential scams. Some online fraudsters and scammers advertise their digital wallets to be number one on the internet. In reality, they want to steal your money and get away with it. Hence, you should go with the most popular, safest, and people-trusted digital wallet websites. Many types of digital wallets exist on the internet and for your convenience, we have listed the most widely used ones below:

  • Hardware Wallet – The name of this type of wallet suggests that it bolsters security on all facets of cryptocurrency storage. If you are a cryptocurrency trader with the will to store your Bitcoin Cash currency for long periods, consider going for Hardware Wallet. The most popular Hardware Wallets on the internet include Coldlar, Trezor, and Ledger.
  • Mobile Wallet – The most reliable and convenient face of digital wallets is Mobile Wallet. It is a reliable method of storing and using Bitcoin cash for trading online. The most popular online mobile wallets include, Edge, Coinbase, Strongcoin, Yenom, Coinwallet, and Bitpay.
  • Paper Wallet – If you want higher security and comfortable storage for your money/asset, i.e. Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency, Paper Wallet is what you should go for regardless of the availability of many other options. These are safer than the Hardware Wallet and provide you with the opportunity to store your funds for friends and family over a long period. Cash Address,, and Wallet Generator are the only popular paper wallets on the internet.
  • Desktop Wallet – A Desktop Wallet is the first choice for thousands of cryptocurrency traders online. This is because it is convenient, safe, and amazingly reliable for cryptocurrency storage since it’s is kept under your personal usage. The most popular desktop wallets include Exodus, Electron Cash, and Bitpay.

After you are done with the selection of the right type of digital wallet for storing your Bitcoin cash, you can begin trading. After you become an owner of Bitcoin cash and store your personal Bitcoin Cash assets in your digital wallet, you might want to find the right kind of online exchange to sign up with. The right exchange will store cryptocurrencies automatically in the wallet of your choice. However, you should know is that by doing a certain task, you can also earn Bitcoin Cash. This known method of obtaining Bitcoin Cash involves searching for a job among different types of jobs that rewards you with Bitcoin Cash that you need.

Why Should You Trade Bitcoin Cash?

Similar to trading in any other financial market using any financial asset, cryptocurrency trading also requires skills and relevant knowledge to be profitable at your end. The choice of the right online trading platform is the first step of the process. Why is that? Well, to make every trade successful, you should be in touch with an online trading platform, that complies with the required standards. While there are thousands of online trading platforms claiming to be the best on the internet, choosing the perfect platform according to your needs isn’t a walk in the park. It requires considerable research and appropriate information to come across the platform that suits your needs in the best way. This is the first challenge for any novice cryptocurrency trader in the world.

That’s why we have compiled a list of features that will let you understand why trading Bitcoin Cash with the help of XPRTcoin is the most viable decision.

  • Accessibility and Convenience – this is the foremost virtue of trading with XPRTcoin . All the transactions that take place on XPRTcoin have been made simple and straightforward by the team of experts behind the platform. The process of signing up doesn’t require any paperwork, contracts, or extensively time-consuming and irrelevant form-filling practices with banks and brokerages. The process is rather convenient. All you have to do is pick a trading account type, sign up with that account through XPRTcoin’s website, register a wallet, and simply deposit funds in your trading account to begin online trading. From then on, you can focus on maximizing your profits through successful trades.
  • Funds Security – the most rampant nuisance of the online trading world, particularly Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrency trading are the threats of online scams and frauds. This is what is affecting the experience of thousands of online trades especially those starting for the first time. There are people on the internet who love nothing more than stealing other people’s cryptocurrencies and live off them. However, XPRTcoin practices the most robust safety and security measures that allow traders to feel safe when trading Bitcoin Cash whenever they want. The state-of-the-art security systems that comprise the latest SSL encryption tools and features of XPRTcoin suggest how the company values the protection of its valuable traders.
  • Expansive Trading Options – whether a beginner or a professional online trader, you can choose from a variety of options to trade from. XPRTcoin makes sure that their unparalleled services contain the freedom for users to trade the asset they wish for at cheaper than normal rates.
  • Compatible Internet Platform – the trading platform from XPRTcoin contains impeccable qualities and among those is the quality of being compatible with several different devices. The trend of cryptocurrency trading through modern mobile devices such as Android and iOS compelled XPRTcoin to take the step towards building the most convenient mobile trading applications and software. The company focuses on making its trader’s experience smooth. Hence, they run constant updates and patches to keep the mobile apps running seamlessly across devices and without any glitches or errors.
  • Where’s Bitcoin Cash Headed?

    Cryptocurrency prices have shocked the entire world through massive surges in aggregate value and individual cryptocurrency market prices. Since the creation of the first-ever digital currency, i.e. Bitcoin, it has been increasing in price significantly. While it started with less than $10 per coin, it now stands at a smashing $47,900 per coin! This is what gives the idea of growth and profit potential regarding Bitcoin Cash to investors and traders around the world who assume that the price trend of Bitcoin Cash will be something similar. However, it is worth mentioning that the scale of investment and popularity of Bitcoin is unmatched in the cryptocurrency world. Still, according to experts, Bitcoin Cash may rise in value in the upcoming years which will allow the traders and investors of today to reap sizeable profits in the future.

    Bitcoin Trading vs. Bitcoin Cash Trading – What Makes Bitcoin Cash a Better Option?

    Learning the difference between the two isn’t a difficult task. This makes it imperative to learn which cryptocurrency is better than the other and why. Let’s put both digital currencies against each other with the hope to identify what separates Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin.

    • The Blockchain of Bitcoin is limited to 1 MB. The sole issue behind it is the effective scalability issue which doesn’t exist in Bitcoin Cash. In fact, Bitcoin Cash boasts a massive 8MB of Blockchain capacity which is exponentially high than Bitcoin. More transactions can take place at a time on Bitcoin Cash’s Blockchain and with lightning-fast speed.
    • The idea of adding 8MB of Blockchain capacity in Bitcoin right from its introduction in the cryptocurrency world was to enable users to increase the number of blocks present in the system. Hence, the future forecasts suggest that Bitcoin Cash will surely hit a greater Blockchain capacity cap that will surpass the current 8MB.
    • Bitcoin Cash is a safe option that is helping maintain and build the reputation of the Bitcoin business by sharing the load of an extremely high number of transactions. Bitcoin indeed tried to address massive issues that led to spin-offs. But, Bitcoin Cash didn’t come with any similar issues.

    A Guide for Beginners in Bitcoin Cash Trading

    Cryptocurrency assets are profit-bearing fruits of the future that are letting millions of traders and investors around the world reap huge profits today. However, to begin trading cryptocurrencies, you require a specific set of skills and mindset that most novice cryptocurrency traders lack. This is what leads to the demise of their potentially profitable career right from the start. But, if you want to join hands with cryptocurrency trading success, consider making signing up with XPRTcoin which offers all the right online cryptocurrency trading services to make your crypto-trading dreams come true whether you wish to trade Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

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