KYC Policy

XPRTcoin’s Know Your Customer (KYC) policy and procedures are dedicated to preventing and mitigating possible risks of any form of illegal activity. Under these policies, we have implemented effective internal mechanisms and procedures to prevent terrorist financing, money laundering, human and drug trafficking, bribery and corruption. We take immediate action upon detection of any suspicious activity from our users.
The documents that you are required to submit are as follows:

1. Proof of Identity(should be in color)

As proof of identity clients can send their passport, identity card or driving license.
To send one of listed documents are mandatory.

Passport – should be photocopied two pages.
Driver license and/or identity card – should be photocopied from two sides – front and back.

2. Proof of Address
As proof of address the client can send his/her utility bill, bank/credit card statement or local authority tax bill issued not later than 3 months before deposit was made. Color is not required. To send one of listed documents are mandatory. This document will be valid during 6 months after the first deposit, in case of additional deposits after 6-months compliance request a new document.

Document should clearly show:
Full name
Current address / p.o box
Date of issue within the last 3 months
Distributing company logo

3. Proof of Payment

As poof of payment the client must send a copy of transfer invoice or copy credit/debit card that was used for the deposit.
Credit/debit card (should be in color) – should be photocopied from two sides – front and back.
Transfer invoice (color is not required)

Document should clearly show:
Client name
Amount and currency
Bank details

Front – 6 first and 4 last digits, expiration date and client’s name should be seen
Back – 6 first and 4 last digits and signature should be seen, CVV number should be covered

Some important information that includes your name, the first 6 and last 4 digits of your card number, and the expiration date should be clearly visible.

4. Declaration of deposit(color is not required)

Signature should be at the end of each deposit and at the bottom of the page.
Signature should be similar as the one on the identification document or credit/debit card back.

The client is required to send the documents by email to support/compliance department or upload via website.

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