Litecoin Trading

You will surely know what Bitcoin is if you are aware of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency to enter the digital world as seen by investors and traders across the world in 2009. Since its birth, Bitcoin is the most favorite, popular, and highly valuable cryptocurrency of the world that has transformed initial investors’ investments into immaculate riches overnight. Just like that, Litecoin is also a cryptocurrency that was introduced in 2011. It was more like an alternative to Bitcoin but on a lesser scale since replacing Bitcoin is nearly impossible. According to the MIT/X11 license, Litecoin was introduced in the digital world as an open-source venture. It had two major differences from Bitcoin that included a lower time for block generation and an increased number of coins that were released in comparison to Bitcoin.

Like all the other cryptocurrencies, in Litecoin, the coin’s transfer and development are solely based on the cryptographic protocol (open-source). Litecoin is a decentralized digital currency that doesn’t allow intervention from any individual authority. Similarly, it doesn’t have any form of physical appearance and form. It doesn’t involve any form of intermediaries like banks or governments. Since it is an open-source venture, it enables a peer-to-peer payment mode for people across the globe. The transactions are invaluable in terms of speed and cost-effectiveness. In fact, those people who use debit or credit cards and bank wire transfers know that the high fees and service charges are non-existent in the case of Litecoin.

Litecoin features the Blockchain technological network that can store several transactions at once along with smooth transaction processing capabilities. The method of transactions is powerful and secure. Like all traders, you can view these transactions safely via wallet encryption. Talking about encryption, Litecoin stores more transactions at a time than Bitcoin. In simple words, it is a prime competitor of Bitcoin in the market.

Places to Buy Litecoin

You can purchase Bitcoin through traditional FIAT currency. However, this is not the case with Litecoin. To buy Litecoin, you have to go through the slight hassle of involving yourself in the purchase of Bitcoin after which you can exchange Bitcoins on online exchange to buy Litecoins. Following that, once you buy Litecoin, you need a safe storage space that comes in the form of digital wallets. These include mobile wallets, desktop wallets, and paper wallets. Since digital wallets are quite vulnerable to hackers and worldwide scammers, you must implement strong passwords on all your digital wallets.

Apart from Bitcoin exchange, you can also buy Litecoin through Coinbase. Coinbase is merely a tool that allows traders, investors, and other people who want to buy Litecoin to use their credit cards to do that. For a long, Coinbase has been the staple for the online cryptocurrency communities to make digital payments and carry out certain transactions online. While many people are using cryptocurrencies to store their illegal money (money laundering) and perform illegal activities, it isn’t possible when one uses Coinbase to deal with cryptocurrencies. This online platform inquires deeply about the users on it and demands information such as an address, identity, and valid verification to make sure that all the users that sign up are legitimate and legally abiding by the industry rules. Moreover, it ascertains that all the activities on this platform are for legal purposes.

Litecoin Trading

Over years, the cryptocurrency trading trend has spiked high and progressed tremendously. However, this was because of the immense profit potential and lucrative trading techniques that cryptocurrencies featured. For now, everyone can see that Bitcoin is leading the cryptocurrency trading market in the digital world. It is worth mentioning that Bitcoin and Litecoin aren’t the only cryptocurrencies in the market. Since the inception of Bitcoin, there was an onset of cryptocurrency creation that introduced people to thousands of new digital currencies. On the other hand, Litecoin stands as a competitor to Bitcoin. Litecoin currently stands among the top 20 of the best-performing digital currencies out of thousands of them. Still, Bitcoin stays the number one digital currency. In short, you can assume Litecoin as silver to the gold of Bitcoin.

To trade Litecoin, you need to have an active and paid online trading account with a reliable and secure online trading company. The right company offers all the right trading opportunities so you can benefit from profitable trades of Litecoin. That is the reason why you need to acquire the services and assistance of a reputable online trading company whose trading platform you can use with convenience. We have been operating in the cryptocurrency trading market, offering all the right services to traders and investors worldwide including Litecoin trading opportunities.

Why Choose XPRTcoin for Trading?

The internet is indeed filled with some brilliantly performing online trading companies. In reality, some of those online trading companies offer highly equipped and advanced trading platforms to all users worldwide to allow them to trade in the cryptocurrencies that they wish including Litecoin. They offer tools and features that are user-friendly and integrate with the platform to provide an excellent experience. These services can be used readily by traders of all types including professionals and beginners. When talking about XPRTcoin, you should know that we don’t fail to accommodate online professional or beginner traders in any case. Those who wish to acquire the latest knowledge on cryptocurrencies and quite particularly, Litecoin, can access the extensive library that XPRTcoin has designed while keeping traders of all sorts in mind. You can efficiently use the latest learning material and educational resources of XPRTcoin to broaden your cryptocurrency concepts. While XPRTcoin aims to make crypto-trading convenient for everyone, they do this by helping their traders in honing their trading skills and improving in Litecoin trading. This online trading company offers features that you will also find on other online platforms but at higher prices. This is evidence of how XPRTcoin cares for all its traders. Here are several other features offered by this company.

  • Economic Calendar

When trading cryptocurrencies, you have to stay in touch with the latest market trend and prevailing market sentiments. The team of expert developers and professionals behind XPRTcoin offers all the right information and resources on learning the best market opportunities for traders through the Economic Calendar feature. This feature encompasses all the latest information regarding the recent market updates and trends. The financial news that you may see on this feature arrives from reputable known news agencies around the world. So, when you are trading Litecoin with XPRTcoin, you won’t be missing out on vital trading opportunities.

  • Tutorials and Video Analysis

To trade an asset profitably, you have to know the best time of investment and selling the asset to make profits. In short, you should learn how to analyze the market trends and calculate the current performance to make future predictions for the asset that you are trading. For Litecoin, you will require expansive research to trade profitable online in the Ethereum and Bitcoin-dominated cryptocurrency market. On our trading platform, you will find knowledge through video tutorials and analyses that are designed based on valuable collected data by experts in the cryptocurrency industry. This is how we inform all our traders regarding the best opportunities that they might otherwise miss out on. By learning with these resources, our traders ascertain their standing in Litecoin trading to earn sizeable profits.

  • Trading Academy

It isn’t easy to trade in the highly complex and complicated cryptocurrency market. You should have a specific mindset for it. For instance, when you require legal services, you will be in touch with a reputable lawyer than a doctor. Therefore, when trading Litecoin, you should be in contact with the right online trading company that boasts the right knowledge, learning resources, and expertise in particular cryptocurrencies. XPRTcoin has obtained valuable knowledge and market information through prolonged exposure to real-life trading not just demo account simulations. The intense knowledge helps us convey our experience through our online trading services to our traders so that they can turn their valuable investments into large-scale profits. To begin Litecoin trading, you should invest an adequate amount of time in the right learning material and training resources to clarify your crypto concepts and learning more about Litecoin itself to trade seamlessly. Our services not only include a platform where you can place trades and close positions. We are a safe house for beginner traders who require proper education on the cryptocurrency market’s functionality. Our training academy helps you learn and formulate strategies that assist in minimizing risks. Moreover, you can use our basic and advanced EBook to learn more.

  • Easy to Sign Up with XPRTcoin

Often, you will find online trading companies on the internet that require you to place a minimum deposit right when you are signing up with. These sorts of companies are scammers. With XPRTcoin , you can sign up free of cost. After the signup process is complete, you are free to enjoy the various profitable trading opportunities out there. Notably, our sign-up process doesn’t require you to fill up any paperwork that other brokerage firms and banks require from wannabe traders. Litecoin prices are constantly fluctuating and you need to be present in the market to make the most out of your trades. Hence, we recommend that you use the one-click trade feature to instantly make profits on the favorable market movements through our platform.

  • No Hidden Fees and Service Charges

It is no surprise that online trading companies charge fees and exorbitant that for the services they provide. Keeping that in mind, you should know that XPRTcoin doesn’t charge those high fees and service costs from its traders. We know that you are a beginner online trader on the journey to increasing your investment and profit scale. That’s why we keep our service charges and fees to a minimum. We disclose any and all charges that we impose on our customers upfront. This builds trust between us and our customers which allows you to take the liberty of walking away with the maximum profits that you earn

Price Patterns of Litecoin

The price trends and patterns have been changing for all the cryptocurrencies, particularly Litecoin, in recent years. While there are several reasons for that, it is worth knowing that during November 2013, that the aggregate value of Litecoin jumped to a 100 percent increase in price. And that was within 24 hours! So, you can assess how Litecoin initially came to the market with a price of no more than $4.30 but is now at a whopping $178 per coin today. You may most certainly realize the hidden potential there.

The price increase is not as hyped as Bitcoin but is quite steady and lucrative for Litecoin. That’s one reason why Litecoin trading is so beneficial. XPRTcoin is happy to increase its service range to cater to the needs of those traders and investors willing to dip into Litecoin trading.

Comparing Litecoin and Bitcoin

To better assess the potential and performance of Litecoin, it is best to assess in light of the market’s number of cryptocurrencies. Here’s what separates Litecoin from Bitcoin according to the recent traits of both of these popular cryptocurrencies.

  • Coin Distribution

One of the first differences that most people notice between the two is the major coin distribution. Litecoin takes the lead with a smashing volume of 84 million coins in contrast to Bitcoin’s 21 million coins that the latter can’t exceed.

  • Instant Transactions

Surprisingly, both cryptocurrencies and their backend Blockchain technology systems enable instant execution of all transactions. In Bitcoin, however, the network takes no less than 9 minutes to complete a single transaction and validate it. For Litecoin, the time of transaction processing and confirmation is significantly low at 2.5 minutes. This was the reason why experts were so inclined at producing Litecoin. So, trading Litecoin is easier with instant transaction execution, processing, and confirmation.

  • Cost-Effective Transactions

The cost of fees that are charged for the transactions to complete in both cryptocurrencies is also worth mentioning. This virtue of any cryptocurrency makes it an affordable option to carry out trades. In Litecoin, the transaction fees are lower per transaction. So, you won’t only be saving your time but also your precious money.

  • Security

The Blockchain network of Bitcoin is far more vulnerable to scams, frauds, and thefts on the internet. However, Litecoin is relatively secure from scammers and hackers online.

The Takeaway

The information above implies that Litecoin is nothing less than silver to Bitcoin’s gold. However, no one knows if the future will switch the status of both. The standalone qualities of Litecoin are stability, coin capital, and lightning-fast transaction speeds. Hence, it is fact that because the qualities of Litecoin are practical. This is what makes it a profitable future investment of today and one of the most trending cryptocurrencies of all time.

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