Privacy Policy

At XPRTcoin, the team of professionals knows that privacy is an essential part of online cryptocurrency trading. No one desires to have their sensitive personal information leaked on the internet due to the compromise on the online trading company’s end. Today, hackers are more resourceful than ever and tend to come up with highly intricate ways to gain unauthorized access to online traders’ information. However, we know that this is a sensitive matter and we keep all the necessary precautions at hand to keep the hackers at bay. Our team of experts excels in the security tactics requires to keep hackers and online frauds away from our platform.

Since that is the case, you don’t have to worry about your sensitive information’s protection when you are trading with us. The safety you will receive is void of what kind of services you choose to opt for on our trading platform. All that matters is that XPRTcoin is proficient in keeping the information of all its traders safe. We ensure that anyone who joins our platform is legitimate and intends to carry out legal cryptocurrency trading. Therefore, we protect all the information with maximum security measures and use it only when we require it the most. Online trading is becoming more and more popular. Apart from the investors and traders worldwide, it is inviting hackers and scammers as well. This compels us to suit our services with the best safety measures.

Information Usage

Although we secure all your information with the best security measures present in the industry, we allow our team of trust and experience individuals to use where applicable for legal reasons. It is worth mentioning that identifying all our users when required is critical. These kinds of instances occur when we are required to use your information for beneficial purposes. We make things convenient for all our traders through numerous services and deals. This is where we use the information of our traders for advertisement purposes. Moreover, if you are seeing any suggested ads online, you can rest assured that XPRTcoin is using your information valuably to offer personalized advertisements. You will find these online personalized advertisements useful to you in various ways.

Collection of Information

Over the years, information and data collection have been viewed wrongfully as something bad. Surely, there are many ways to collect information that comprise either lawful or illicit methods. When you sign up with us, you can rest assured that we will be using your information for the sole purpose of making our services more convenient to you. The team of XPRTcoin professionals is always on the front foot to make online cryptocurrency trading easier for you. We have the legal right to gather and use your information at any time we are required to. This entails that we will perform the necessary actions without landing any prior notice. Still, you don’t have to worry because we will only be using the information for marketing and security purposes. We know the dangers of information misuse and therefore we don’t intend to distribute any piece of information to a third party especially not without your consent.

Encryption of Information

The programmers behind our platform are very skilled in keeping information and all of our data encrypted through the best protocols, software, and technique. Hence, even if someone steals a part of the information, they will find it debilitating to decipher it. The purpose behind this high-profile encryption is to give our traders the freedom to trade without any fear of losing their information. Our focus on the security and safety of our traders’ information is what keeps us ahead of our competition. Our encrypted data is so secure that the attempts of thousands of hackers to penetrate the encryptions have failed exponentially.


Geo-tracking is seen as a bad thing by many people. Of course, it involves tracking the IP address and thus the location of the user. But, it is worth mentioning again that we have never used the information of our traders adversely and we never will in the future at any cost. The real reason why the team of XPRTcoin may engage in geo-tracking is to realize the target market to provide certain specialized services. So, you have peace of mind that XPRTcoin is not only providing excellent cryptocurrency trading services but also offering personalized services specific to the location of traders.

Cookie Policy

Cookie placement is a common practice at XPRTcoin just like on the rest of the internet. When signing up with our trading platform, you allow us to maintain your cookie collection on XPRTcoin’s website. Nearly every website on the internet features cookie placement and collection. What’s the reason for it? Well, the websites aim to offer the right content and information according to your preferences. The cookies that we place on your device will help us find the most relevant content to show you on our platform. We are always updating the cookies we place on our traders to make sure that they will only see their preferred content and information on our website.

Info Leaks

Information leaks are something that every online trader dreads. This is because they are becoming quite common on the internet. This is a prevalent dilemma that people face especially those who are careless about their private information. Most of the time, these leaks occur due to viruses, ransomware, malware, or defective internet connections on your system. When your system is at fault, XPRTcoin will not be responsible at any cost for the loss of your information. Therefore, we urge all our traders to protect their data. Keep your credit/debit card and personal information protected from identity theft. Avoid sharing passwords and ensure that your gadgets are up to date along with being virus-free.


Since XPRTcoin stands among the best online trading and broker companies, we take care of our strict privacy policy quite frequently. Keep checking it to stay updated on any revisions. Adherence to our privacy policy changes and terms is what we demand upfront from our traders. If you or any other trader fails to comply with our privacy policy, you or they may see inauspicious circumstances. In addition, we can expel any trade we deem necessary for not following our privacy policy. You will see that we revise our privacy policy repeatedly and those changes become effective 10 days after the revisions are made to the form.

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