Return And Refund

At XPRTcoin we care about our customers and offer the required returns and refunds. However, there are various policies in effect on our platform that are there to ensure that the whole process of returns and refunds is error-free and secure. In case you require relevant information regarding the returns and refunds of our online trading platform, we have provides some detailed information below so you know when and how you can receive your refunds or returns. Note that it takes nearly a week or ten days to complete a wire refund request on our platform. For that reason, the team at XPRTcoin suggests that you stay patient while the refund request processes.

Withdrawal Process

If you seek to withdraw funds from your trading account at, you will have to submit an appropriate withdrawal request on the website using the profile page that we have provided for you. Additionally, you should know that if you require a specific withdrawal-type from us, you have to pick from our provided options. When you use, you will notice that there is a neat list of these withdrawal options on our platform. In several cases, we will require you to provide some information prior to the withdrawal.

Status for In Process

Once you pick your desired withdrawal option from the ones that we provide, your request will show in the status on our platform. The process will stay in status for the duration of the process. After your withdrawal request submission, we will deduct the specified amount of funds from your XPRTcoin account.

Once your withdrawal process is completed, your request will show as “processed”. Hence, your funds will be available to you, ready for withdrawal. You can then choose a payment option to complete the process.

Utilizable Payment Systems

No matter which payment method that you use for funds withdrawal, you will notice that it stays the same for all the following money withdrawals. In the meanwhile, XPRTcoin will recommend some other options from our platform regarding your system that you can choose to go for only if you wish. Nevertheless, you should know that in this scenario, you have to make sure that your withdrawal request information matches the information and conditions that you specifically detailed when signing up as a client of XPRTcoin.

Provision of Accurate Information for Verification

You must provide us with accurate and authentic information after you submit the withdrawal request on our platform. For instance, if you inform us that you will be using your credit card for making cash withdrawals from your trading account with us, we will ensure that we always accept your withdrawal request when the same credit card is used by you. What’s more, we will rank up your request above any other if you use the same credit card that you used earlier.

Furthermore, if you possess an E-wallet then you can use it to withdraw your money from the trading account that you have on the platform of XPRTcoin directly.

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