It is not easy to come across the perfect broker that you wish offers the right services and benefits that you may require when starting as an online trader. Especially when you enter the world of online trading for the first time, it may look like an entirely new concept from the get-go. An online broker is your teacher in the online trading world once you sign up with the right platform. A broker makes trading look easier with every trouble they solve for you. Online trader booms because online brokers have taken up the responsibility of launching the careers of first-time traders. In general, the recent online brokers are more concerned with their gains than the traders who sign up with them.

Many online brokers still haven’t let go of the conventional trading practice and have not provided cryptocurrency trading opportunities. Traditional online brokers deny access to cryptocurrency markets for their traders assuming that cryptocurrencies are a vogue fashion. Despite that, hundreds of thousands of online traders worldwide have stepped in and made a fortune from the cryptocurrency market. People still doubtful of cryptocurrency can have a whole new perspective when they sign up with a reliable online broker like XPRTcoin. Owner of a small saving? XPRTcoin makes crypto trading accessible and convenient for everyone.

But does this broker really take cryptocurrency trading to the next level? This detailed XPRTcoin review will inform you how this platform makes cryptocurrency trading simple.

XPRTcoin – A Dedicated Cryptocurrency Trading Broker

The very first thing that will impress you about this broker is the enthusiasm that the platform shows for cryptocurrency trading. There are hundreds of online brokers out there that grant access to cryptocurrency markets including other financial markets as well. Others let you trade Forex, indices, commodities, stocks, etc. on their online platform. That is the main reason why these broker companies cannot focus actively on cryptocurrency trading. Keeping things on a basic level, they don’t really provide the opportunity for success in the cryptocurrency trading market for beginners.

No one wants to trade only Bitcoin in the name of cryptocurrency trading. Bitcoin indeed is the oldest, popular, and most valuable digital currency which can generate immense profits. However, it isn’t the only one because now, there are over thousands of digital currencies in the crypto market. Therefore, it doesn’t sound sensible to go after a single most popular digital currency while there are thousands of other options available as well. Signing up with XPRTcoin doesn’t merely encompass Ethereum and Bitcoin. With XPRTcoin, you can go for other popular and growing digital currencies in addition to those big two.

For instance, Ripple is among the top-performing currencies of the cryptocurrency world. After signing up with XPRTcoin, you can go for this currency if you wish to benefit from its growth potential. Apart from that, you can go for Litecoin, Dash, and a few other popular and highly well-performing digital currencies of the cryptocurrency world. XPRTcoin focuses solely on cryptocurrency trading and that is the plus point of signing up with this online brokerage.

XPRTcoin – No Compromise on Safety and Security

Do you wish to ensure that XPRTcoin is a secure platform before signing up? Read on below to learn the security factors in play on XPRTcoin’s trading platform.

Personal Information Safety

For no reason should an experienced or veteran online trader assume that their money/trading funds are more valuable than their personal information. If you think so, it might be time to reconsider it after reading below. Money is valuable according to its face value. However, your personal information is more important and valuable than that. Assume that you sign up with a compromised or unsafe trading platform using your personal information and the platform gets hijacked by hackers. By losing your information to hackers, your hackers can use that information to carry out illegal transactions for which you will be accountable, legally. Other illegal activities are no stranger and can cost you the comfortable life you’re living. You can gain a poor reputation and struggle with legal issues by losing sensitive personal information.

This is what implies the need for the right security measures to be in place when you are in deciding to sign up with an online brokerage firm/website. So, do you wonder if you will get the necessary protection for your personal information when you sign up with XPRTcoin? XPRTcoin ensures that its platform and website are equipped with the latest and industry-trending security protocols. Looking at the website and platform of XPRTcoin, you will find that it encrypts all the information you provide. In easier words for you to understand, when you provide the website with any of your personal information, it quickly converts it into unintelligible symbols, alphabets, numbers, and so on.

This is one of the most robust methods of protecting your personal information from hackers that try to steal and misuse it by penetrating your internet connection. Aside from the personal information, your online broker will also require banking information from you. Therefore, no trader should take the transfer of personal and banking information when signing up with any online broker company/website.

KYC and AML Policy

For these policies, namely Know-Your-Policy (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML), you will find separate web pages on the website of XPRTcoin. These policies are to keep you safe right after you sign up with the online broker company. KYC policy can be quite confusing for some traders initially. Discovering KYC policy, many traders wonder how it is vital to the protection of their trading activities. According to this particular policy, when you sign up with this platform, you will provide a lot of information such as identification and personal information. This information may be required upon sign-up or during the withdrawal process (first time).

Why is that necessary? You should wonder whether there is any other way to trade online safely. There’s a lot to consider and process. Firstly, you should consider whether the company should be able to identify an impersonator trying to use your information to sign up on the platform or not? It is a prevalent nuisance on the internet. For example, when you purchased any product from a website online and now that website has been compromised in terms of security. Now, someone is trying to sign up using our personal information on the broker’s platform. What method should the broker use to identify that it isn’t you?

When a hacker steals information, for example, yours, they will only be able to take parts of it. So, when you will be signing up with XPRTcoin, you will submit a scanned copy or picture of your driving license. However, the person submitting your driver’s license number falsely might not have the physical driver’s license with them. Hence, only you have your driver’s license. Once you provide the information during sign-up on XPRTcoin’s website, you ensure that no one else can use that information falsely to sign up on the same platform. Therefore, this policy on the company’s policy will require your identification number which will seem to benefit you in the end.

On top of that, the broker company also keeps the anti-money laundering (AML) policy in effect. The primary role of this policy is to restrict money launderers and frauds from signing up with the platform. These are the people who are involved in illegal activities and transactions. Thus, they carry illicit and unlawful money. They aim to invest and increase their worth by signing up with a profitable broker like XPRTcoin but not with authentic information. They might also use dissimilar methods to withdraw and deposit money into their trading account. Seeing as they don’t wish to provide real information, they don’t use the same debit/credit card again. As a result, they keep switching between methods of transactions on the platform after signing up.

XPRTcoin’s proper policy enforcement makes sure that these kinds of money launderers and frauds don’t sign up on the website and use the platform to trade online. For instance, the broker may require the trader to provide a credit card picture with their real name (full) stated clearly just like on their driver’s license when withdrawing money from their trading account. These secure practices discourage money launderers and frauds from signing up with a safe platform like XPRTcoin. In the end, they leave the platform and search for compromised platforms without such strict restrictions

Consequently, you will feel at ease that you are signing up with a broker company that guarantees the protection of your information from its end.

Security of Funds

Although current times enforce that your personal information is more valuable than your money, it doesn’t mean that your trading funds have lost all their importance and value. For a novice trader, every dollar counts as an integral part of the process of becoming a profitable online trader. You cannot compromise the protection and safety of your money and that is why you cannot sign up with a broker that doesn’t follow the industry protocols, policies, and standards. Hence, you should only sign up with a platform that does follow the industry standards and protocols. Your very first concern should be whether the broker company secures your money through account segregation.

In case your broker doesn’t protect your money through account segregation, avoid signing up on their website. It’s a sign that the broker is not legit if they mix their traders’ money with their business accounts. Overall, this is not a concern when you sign up with XPRTcoin. This brokerage complies with account segregation thoroughly.

XPRTcoin Allows Everyone to Signup

Do you know how everyone can sign up with this broker? This is possible solely when the broker is aware of the needs of all traders. This means that they have an account appropriate for the use of every level of trade (novice to professional). To allow all the traders to sign up, this broker has designed a diverse yet relative list of account options. On XPRTcoin’s trading platform, there are traders from all around the world. While there are some countries to which this broker doesn’t offer online trading services, their names are listed on the website in an organized fashion. For example, if you are from the US, you cannot trade with this online broker company.

Talking about trading account options, you will definitely come across something useful with this broker. The trading account options take into account the needs of all types of traders. Hence, this is why it is one of the top platforms for every trader out there. Regardless of your level of experience in online trading, XPRTcoin will have something of use for you.

At the very first glance, you will notice that the broker offers a basic account option. Keeping all things regarding trading simple, the broker has named the very first account option “Basic”. This allows the broker company to facilitate first-time traders with utmost ease. Are you beginning an online trading career for the first time? Consider opting for the Basic account option. The minimum deposit amount to activate the basic account option for trading is only $1,000. While this is an excellent option for traders on a budget, it doesn’t mean that the broker will deprive you of learning and education material on its website.

Do you wish to unlock perks that are higher than those available on the basic account? The bronze account is something useful. Since the minimum deposits to activate every account type vary, you will have to deposit at least $10,000 to activate the bronze account. Price alerts are a useful perk of this account type. Moreover, you will receive the assistance of an account manager for a month with the bronze account. When you move further up in the account tiers, the silver account option entitles you to an assistance period of 3 months from an account manager. Again, you will have to deposit a minimum of $25.000 to activate this trading account.

Furthermore, there are other account options including gold, platinum, and black. These account options are well-suited for you if you have advanced knowledge and experience of operating as an online trader. Even though activation of these accounts requires big deposits upfront, the extensive range of tools that will be available following activation will help you pave the road to success as a trader. In the platinum trading account, you will receive all trading signals for free. Trading signals are vital when you are on the lookout to enter a trade position. Additionally, going with the two advanced account options, you can benefit from personalized trading strategies.

In simpler words, this broker will make your online trading experience fun and rewarding if you know which account option to go with. You will find a trading account option whether you are a professional with many years of experience or a novice trader.

XPRTcoin Offers an Extensive List of Cryptocurrencies

Finally, we are onto the next big question that will convince you to choose this broker over any other brokers that you may consider. Originally, XPRTcoin revolves mainly around the concept of cryptocurrency trading. This will remove any confusion in your mind. The online trading world is filled with brokers that offer cryptocurrency trading services along with access to many other financial markets. That is not the case when you opt to trade with this broker. XPRTcoin focuses primarily on cryptocurrency trading and the provision of only cryptocurrencies to trade online.

One more thing to keep in mind is that XPRTcoin is an online broker and not an online exchange. The trading platform of this company will solely be for trading purposes. There is no way to use the platform as an online exchange. When on a cryptocurrency exchange, it is possible to purchase the cryptocurrencies of your choice. This isn’t what occurs at XPRTcoin after signing up. XPRTcoin, as a broker, only provides you a trading platform to trade crypto assets.

Like we discussed earlier, with XPRTcoin’s brokerage services, you won’t be limited to trading a couple of the most popular and major cryptocurrencies. While many online brokers grant only Bitcoin access to traders, most of them are a sham. Their main goal is to rip you off your Bitcoin. Hence, their sole purpose revolves around making money by scamming people and stealing their Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Conversely, XPRTcoin offers you a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to trade online once you sign up with it. After signing up with this company, you can trade from many cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and more. Overall, this broker houses the most profitable and best-performing cryptocurrencies in the world at present.

These crypto-assets are performing extremely well according to the market charts and may provide you returns greater than you expect. Still, it doesn’t mean that you will have to avoid putting in efforts to make money through successful trades. Therefore, our next concern and discussion will be regarding training. Does this broker teach and educate its traders? Surely, you can have the most amazing cryptocurrency trading experience!

XPRTcoin Teaches How to Trade Cryptocurrencies

In contrast to various online broker companies that offer plenty of options for traders to trade with and offer training about Forex only, XPRTcoin aims to educate you regarding cryptocurrency trading. The training resources from this broker will comprise all the know-how of cryptocurrency trading: what are cryptocurrencies and how to trade. Going through this broker’s trading academy, you will notice there’s always a lot to educate yourself about. For example, you will receive training on how to interpret charts and use them for trades. Further, you will receive the market’s weekly review about which assets are performing great and which ones aren’t.

What’s more, there will be professional-hosted webinars from this broker to train your further. Regardless of the type of account option that you choose to sign up for, this broker lets you join in the professional webinars so you can expand your knowledge regarding cryptocurrency trading directly from the industry leaders. Multiple online brokers out there restrict their basic account traders to a specific amount of training resources in their education center. When it comes to trading cryptocurrency with XPRTcoin’s platform, you will have access to its training resources once you sign up with it.

XPRTcoin – Deposits and Withdrawals

It is important to mention that this broker has made it seamlessly easy and convenient for its traders to withdraw money from their trading accounts. There is no doubt that XPRTcoin makes banking comparatively easy for its traders than other online brokers out there. When you sign up with XPRTcoin and activate a trading account, you can use debit/credit cards or bank wire transfers to withdraw or deposit money into your trading account. There are three major currencies through which you can make deposits and withdrawals. These include GBP, USD, and EUR. The broker company helps its traders with their deposits and withdrawals in every way possible.

For better convenience, the broker also provides a highly active and dependable customer support service (six days a week). You can receive customer support 24 hours during the six days of the week. So, you can contact the company without worrying about the time of the day or night.

The Takeaway

You will find a large number of online brokers appearing as the best online trading companies. But, if you carry a passion solely for cryptocurrencies, XPRTcoin is the broker you should consider signing up with. The platform of XPRTcoin is specifically designed for cryptocurrency trading for all the traders who sign up with it. Besides, all the trading features and tools on the platform are, particularly for cryptocurrency trading. It is best to research before actually signing up with a broker that you think may suit your trading needs. Above all, comparing the pros and cons of trading with XPRTcoin will convince you why it is better than the majority of the online brokers out there.

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