Terms And Conditions

General provisions

The use, access, and operation of the website and all associated services of XPRTcoin.com are subject to the unchallenged and irreversible agreement of everyone against all these terms and conditions.

During the period you or anyone else who is using the services provided by this website will be subject to a range of different terms and conditions along with statements and notices that are bound to explicitly state or imply through this or any other document of this site regarding any amendments or revisions.

The changes we talk about in this document or any other are applicable and can be made at the discretion of XPRTcoin.com Moreover, you will be explicitly complying with all the terms and conditions and notices when using this platform.

Additionally, by using all the different sorts of services of this online cryptocurrency trading website, you will be approving that you are as a user of this website give your consent explicitly to the terms and conditions of XPRTcoin.com inside this document or any other detailed document for that matter.

Risk Disclosure

The content and information found on this website do not exist for any form or manner of trading advice or financial use. All the decisions made on this trading platform of XPRTcoin.com will be on an individual basis and therefore XPRTcoin.com will have no hand in any of the information, content, or advice that people follow, especially when it comes down to online trading. In addition, the information provided by us is in generic form. We offer this information without any regard to your current situation or investment goals and objectives. Some of the things that the team of experts behind XPRTcoin doesn’t consider include risk appetite, returns requirement, and different forms of trading or investment needs and scenarios.

So, we actively inform everyone to comprehend their information’s specific reach and unique applicability to the particular situations of investment and/or objective that they face. Also, we advise everyone to go through all the information that we provide on our site to learn whether or not it is appropriate for the specific investment strategy or plan that you have formulated in your mind. Furthermore, we also recommend that you analyze all your investment or other actions to see if they can be executed with success or not and whether they provide you the profits in return or not.

Before going ahead with the execution of any or all strategies that you have in mind regarding your specific situation, we recommend that deeply assess it to see it’s viable or not. Again, XPRTcoin won’t be responsible at any cost if your investment strategies or plans don’t execute successfully or offer you the returns that you wished for. This is the case because we are here to offer you an appropriate online trading platform so you can invest in many different cryptocurrencies with utmost convenience and ease.

It is best to keep in mind that any of the information that we provide to everyone through this website is not any sort of recommendation or actionable advice for investing in any trading service, particular investment, or any other form of financial product. Under the legal obligations, no member of this website including the parent company, affiliates, and employees are allowed to offer any sort of advice or recommendation. However, this may not be the case if you have agreed, written, and signed an affirmation that declares the exact opposite. Otherwise, this clause will apply to all the information that you are provided by the website and all the details and information that you are provided by us.

Everyone reading this agrees and accepts that you are entirely aware of any and all financial risk that comes with online trading. Moreover, these risks can seize you at any time because they are intermittent. The majority of these risks arise when investment and trading prospects are occurring. In addition, you will unconditionally and irreversibly underwrite XPRTcoin in opposition to any sort of complaints or damage claims that are filed regarding similar losses and risks.

Moreover, by reading this information you also recognize and admit the fact that XPRTcoin will in no way be accountable or responsible for the quality and type of service, content, or any other sort of item present on the site. This further covers the affiliate network on our website that isn’t directly owned by us. Hence, we bear negligible or no control over it.

Liability Limitation

The financial losses caused by any form of sharing, distribution, downloading, usage, modification, or copying of this site to the users will not hold any of the employees, owners, and affiliates of this website accountable. Like we discussed earlier, the entirety of the information that resides on this platform is generic and doesn’t regard any form of the situation of the cryptocurrency trader.

The affiliates or owners of this site will also not be accountable for any sort of punishable, direct, indirect, or even incidental claims and damages that occur due to the aforementioned actions above to the users or visitors of the website of XPRTcoin. Any of the losses like those discusses may include but aren’t limited to loss of sales, profit loss, loss of data, loss of intangible or tangible assets, or loss of revenue. Additionally, we won’t be accountable for any form of incidental and/or deliberate loss as well. For that reason, neither the owners or affiliates nor this entire site will be held accountable for any of these particular issues.

At whatever point and manner or kind of losses that this website’s users incur or face will not hold this site’s owners and affiliates accountable to any extent. For that simple reason, you should remember that when you arrive at this website, you will be aware of the fact and admit that you will use its services in response to your free will. Furthermore, you also admit that you will be the one responsible and accountable for the complete security and backup of your data.

Thus, you additionally assure that you will not hold XPRTcoin.com responsible for any loss of profit, staff hours, capital, productivity, and a range of other issues that may arise at any time. Further, neither our information nor our services will be responsible for any sort of trouble that you may potentially face in the end. You also admit that in case of any sort of actions or claims that are related to this website and its services, you won’t be holding this website, its owners, or its affiliates legally responsible.

if for any sort or kind of reason, you don’t accept and admit to the aforementioned terms and conditions whether partially or wholly, or if you have any previous disputes or claims against this website’s owners, affiliates, employees, or this website itself, considering the terms and conditions under our control- our team at XPRTcoin stoutly implores you to discontinue the usage of this website and its services from now on.

Third Party Services

Throughout XPRTcoin’s business course, this website that you are using or may use offers a range of various offers and could potentially offer several kinds of promotions, products, services, recommendations, or information that separate websites, entities, and individuals provide. AT XPRTcoin, we call these entities third party or third parties.

  • At XPRTcoin, we do not govern or emphasize any sort of control on the recommendations, information, services, promotions, or products that other third parties offer to you. Therefore, we cannot be held accountable or responsible for the timeliness, content quality of the offered services, applicability accuracy, offerings, goods, or information offered by any of the known third parties.
  • Hence, you will use the products, information, services, recommendations, or any other kind of offerings provided to you by such third parties, agencies, websites, or corporate entities at your own discretion and responsibility. Further, your use of these offerings will be governed by the usage terms and conditions of the specific third party.

Considering all the things discussed above, you won’t be holding our employees, website, and members accountable or legally responsible regarding any actions or claims that erupt from the losses or damages caused by the use of such information, services, promotions, and productions from such offerings provided by numerous third parties. Also, the extent of any sort of these losses might can include but at any cost won’t be limited to the loss of assets, loss of profits, or increase of expenses associated with the services, products, and information being offered by any such third party.

Market Data Availability

Regarding any kind of market data or information that includes analysis and comparison offered by this website, any third parties that exist on this website, or this website’s affiliates. Take a look at some of the most crucial things that a user like you and many others on this website should bear in mind at all times.

  • We won’t be accountable and held liable for any sort of or type of loss including incidental because of the presence of market data that exists on our website.
  • Whatever kind of investment decisions or actions that you execute on our online trading platform on the principles of the information or date that you find on our platform will solely be under your governance and discretion for which we will not be held accountable in any case.
  • It is worth mentioning over and over again that XPRTcoin.com won’t be held responsible for any nature or type of loss that you or any other trader incurs due to their actions or decision on our platform itself.
    Regarding the data you receive, you will have neither have any completeness or guarantee regarding its from us or the nature of entities that offer such form of data.
  • You will only be provided with information through any data that you will find. Hence, it doesn’t mean that you can replace or use that data in the sense of financial advice of any form or shape.

With all that being discussed above, the XPRTcoin.com team doesn’t own absolute or complete rights over any nature or type of data that is present on its platform. Further, this type of information could be owned and made available by a third party on our platform. Following that, no user whether you or someone else has the permission or authority to disclose, make modifications, transmit, retransmit, distribute, display, redistribute, or publish any nature or type of information or data that belongs to the third party or us except when it is legally allowed to do so.

Financial Product Performance

You should have a complete and unambiguous understanding of the fact that XPRTcoin doesn’t offer any sort of guarantees on investment return rates when you decide to invest or trade in any kind of financial good of your choice and considering. We also abstain from offering profit or loss guarantees to our users regarding their trades or investment. And for that simple reason, any decision or action that you take will be solely under your responsibility and accountability and not the responsibility of whoever is employed or working with XPRTcoin. Whatever financial investment and trading that takes place will be liable to changes and effects under the various risks and factors of the associated market. And therefore, we won’t be legally liable if any trader gains a massive loss during a potentially risky cryptocurrency trading or investing venture.

During all the trading and investment actions or decisions you make based on the services offered by this website and its affiliates, you sincerely agree to any kind of capital repayment issue or withdrawal delay that you may potentially face. These kinds of incidents are common, especially in cryptocurrency trading. Although we offer the best, quickest, and swift services, there may be times where the factors are totally out of our control. On such occasions, we look forward to your unreserved cooperation. In addition to that, you admit that you have to indemnify XPRTcoin and the team behind it against any sort of issues that arise because of delayed returns or repayments.

Intellectual Property

Either we or this website’s affiliates own all sorts of intellectual properties and assets that are displayed and published on this website which also includes copyrighted content, information, logos, trademarks, and information. In other cases, these things could also be owned by third parties. In any case, the trademark and copyright assets will include but won’t be limited to name, information, term, and data. In addition, there may or may not be a symbol to declare the ownership of a certain name, term, data, or information. Nevertheless, the symbol present there will depict the ownership through an identification logo or mark wherever the copyright is held. With that mentioned clearly, at any cost, you shouldn’t consider that the ownership of a certain item isn’t there whether the symbol is present or not. Following the grant of permission and mutual agreement, XPRTcoin.com will regularly publish any intellectual properties that are owned by third parties.

Still, the use of this data or information on the website doesn’t depict any form of endorsement or affiliation with such third parties, the products and/or services they provide, and also any services that they offer.

Furthermore, even after publishing the services, information, and products of numerous third parties, XPRTcoin doesn’t build any kind or shape of recommendations or representations considering the advisability and financial risks of their services or products.

Know Your Customer Policy

If you are looking forward to opening and maintain your account with XPRTcoin, you must learn and follow all the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) policies that we have detailed below. Here is the vital information that we require you to fulfill in order to comply with our policies:

  • Initially, we require concrete proof of your address. You do that through your utility bills. Make sure that the utility bills aren’t too old. Further, you can do this in the form of credit and bank cards as well as telephone statements.
  • We will also require your identification proof. This can be in the form of your passport or personal identification that is government-issued. A driver’s license is also acceptable unless it’s expired.

We will require you to sign all the multiple copies of KYC documents that are under your name before uploading and emailing them. Make sure that you use the same email ID address to send the mail of the paperwork for use that you earlier used to sign up with us.

Regulations for Anti Money Laundering

At all times, we require you to abide by our anti-money laundering policies whenever you use this to benefit from its content and the services that it provides. We have carefully crafted the policy to ensure that all those using it are protected from illegal activities. We are liable to take strict and rigid actions that could end you in trouble if you fail to comply with the rules that XPRTcoin provides you with. While we have set up these regulations, rules, and policies for your comfort, convenience, and ease, we may penalize you heavily if you fail to follow them.

In addition to that, you give us total and uncontested freedom to carry out changes whenever we deem necessary. Our team will remain free to craft adjustments and make changes whenever it also feels necessary. It is recommended by us that you check and read our terms and conditions at least every two months to ensure that you are not violating any of them. We are constantly revising our regulations at XPRTcoin which is why we recommend that all users stay updated regarding any changes to again ensure that they are not violating them.

Also, complying with the anti-money laundering regulations that we have set forth, you are admitting that you will be using only the correct method of payments for your money withdrawals or submission. It is worth mentioning that all the refunds and withdrawals that you seek from us will be done through the same credit card that you utilized for your initial deposit. We possess the right of making any sort of payments that are above or below the initial deposit.

Data Security

To make sure that the data provided by you on our website is safe from any kind of harm, we at XPRTcoin maintain a high level of security and safety measures. This highly includes the use of industry-set methods and techniques to protect the entirety of your personal information from loss, misuse, destruction, damage, or alteration because of illegal access. We comprise physical, electronic, and procedural measures to ensure the safety of your information. Unless it is highly critical to present your information to law enforcement agencies due to legal cases, we will hold your information with security.

While we do everything in our power, experience, and expertise to ensure the protection and security of your information, you should remember that no matter how robust, no security measures are completely foolproof. Besides, hacking has become more complicated and intriguing in recent years. Hackers are arriving at better ways to exploit and access protected personal information. Due to that, we can’t be held accountable for the loss of any kind of information. Altogether, data breaches are prevalent over the internet and they can result in illegal disclosure of data or damage of some financial nature.

Information Collection Consent

When you use our website and the services that it provides you, you will comply with the policies and offer us the legal and complete right to store, collect, and process your personal information. We stick to this process to make sure that your account operates optimally and under the right maintenance.

Further, you also permit us to use your information to better our services in sending information and promotional content to you via the email address that you provide us with. XPRTcoin also possesses the right of sharing your personal information with the bodies that are directly involved in your trade’s execution, payment processing, order management, account management, and withdrawal requests.

After discussing all that, you must know that you will be allowed to view and access the personal information that you provide. As a user, you can make modifications to your personal information whenever you require. Also, you are free to unsubscribe from the mailing list of XPRTcoin.com at your discretion.

We anticipate that you will be complying with all the rules that XPRTcoin.com governs in this detailed document and others. Disobedience to rules and regulations can promptly lead to termination and may incur severe actions depending on the level of incompetence.

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